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The Sims 3 works quite different since The Sims 2. Here we haven't and we can't have a tool such as The Sims 2 Bodyshop or The Sims 2 Homecrafter. All objects and dresses are totally customizable in game by using Create a style.

Create a style allow us to browse a gallery of patterns and apply them to one or more slider of an object or dress. We can choose colors of these pattern from a RGB palette.

The game by default doesn't include the ability to import custom pattern self-created. To solve this issue Delphy and TSR team has written 2 external tools in order to create and insert new patterns in the game.

Due to the complexity of RGB system, it is not so easy to create a new pattern. For example, go to a pattern site, save the image and import it in the game is not convenient. You should adapt images, make them seamless and most important, you should split the image into different channels. Some great creators has already written some useful tutorial. We link them at bottom of this page.

What you need

  • Image editing software (raster) such as Adobe Photoshop (pay with a free demo for a month) or Gimp (free).
  • DDS Plugins for your image editing software. Available both for Photoshop and Gimp for free.

How to create custom pattern

You can find some useful tutorial in english on some sites, such as: