Recover serial number TS3

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You have searched everywhere and you can't find your game booklet with your serial number... and now? What can you do? Don't worry, if you have registered your game through the EADM, you just need and internet connection... and you can recover your serial number!

What you need

If you want recover your serial number, you need:

  1. A registered and original copy of the game - during installation or later you should register your game trough the EADM, with your EA account (perhaps the same of

  2. An Internet connection.

  3. The EADM installed on your PC. In particular you can view your game's serial number if your EADM version is up to 7. You can download EADM here, if you have disinstalled it or if your version is not up to date.

Recover your serial number

  1. Connect your PC to Internet

  2. Launch EADM (from Start→Programs→Electronic Arts→EA Download Manager)

  3. Connect to your EA Account with your mail and password.

  4. Once done, you can see the library of your purchased and registered games
    Eadm7 library.jpg

  5. Click on I (information icon). You can see a new page, with Game detail
    Eadm7 library detail.jpg
    Here you can see some details, such as purchase date, you can download the booklet... and ... you can get your serial number.

Alternative methods

If you don't like EAD and you prefer to use something different, there are 2 tools user generated that allow you to show your games' serial numbers.

Serial Grabber

This tool, made by InfiniteSims has been released with the purpose to show you your games' serial numbers. You need of course The Sims 3 installed. You can find more details on [Sims 3 Serial Grabber eng|this PAGE]]. You just need to download and run the tool. It shows serial number of base game, expansion packs and stuff packs.

The Sims 3 Patch Downloader

The purpose of this tool is to force game updates. To do so, it needs to read game's information and this mean that you can see your serial numbers in an additional column. You can find more details on this PAGE.