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Unicorns are the new special creatures of The Sims 3 Pets. They are magical horses and have special powers… we’ll see them in details in this page.

Unicorns features

Ts3 ep5 unicorn.jpg

Being a magical creature, the unicorn has superpowers (which can also be influenced by its traits) and when it walks, it is followed by some kind of stream of rainbows and twinkles. The horn of the animal changes its color depending on the animal's action: if it's starting a fire, it will be red. If it's blessing flora, it will be green and so on.

Their motives are the same of horses, but instead of the green bars, theirs are shining white. They can also have little ones, with horses too. Unicorns live longer than horses, they’re not immortal but their life span is 3 times a horse’s. You can customize unicorns as you do with horses, cats and dogs. You can go back to the Create a Pet screen at anytime and customize the mane.

When and where unicorns appear

  • There is only a unicorn in each neighborhood.
  • Unicorns can have up to 3 favorite lots, where they’ll appear
  • They like (as wild horses) to appear on fishing spots, beaches, small parks, big parks (in this order).
  • There is the 33% chances a unicorn appears.
  • In order to make your lot a unicorn’s favorite, your Sim has to befriend at least 5 pets.
  • Even unicorns, as vampires are night creatures: you’ll see them in one of their favorite lots between 8pm and 5am.
If your sim has the trait animal lover you will see the unicorn highlighted in the map by a glowing spot

How to adopt a unicorn

You can adopt a unicorn as you do with other stray pets, but will have to make friends with him first (in particular, you'll need to bestfriend at least 3 pets and have a 50LTR with the unicorn). Sims with the Loves the Outdoor trait befriend wild animals easier, and it should apply to unicorns too.

Superpowers and unique abilities

Ts3 ep5 unicorn 2.jpg

Unicorns have a magical energy, needed to cast spells. Each spell has a cost in energy, and if you don’t let enough time to your unicorn to recharge, he can get a negative moodlet for losing energy.

The maximum amount of magical energy is 60 magical points, and it takes 6 Sim-hours to fully recharge them. When the unicorn’s magical energy decreases to 30 magical points, he will get a neutral moodlet for Power Shortage.

  • Start a fire: takes 15 magic points - Note: before you can start another fire, you’ll have to wait for 10 Sim-minutes.
  • Estinguish a fire: doesn’t need magical energy
  • Teleport (even with a Sim riding): takes 5 magical points
  • Curse flora: takes 10 magical points
  • Bless flora: takes 20 magical points
  • Curse a Sim: between the unicorn and the Sim there must be a relation with -25LTR. If there are the right conditions, after a social interaction there is 75% chances for the unicorn to curse a Sim. Who receive unicorn's curse get a negative multiplier in learning skills.
  • Bless a Sim: in order to bless a Sim, between the unicorn and the Sim there must be a relationship with at least 30LTR. In the right conditions, after a social interaction there is 50% chances for the unicorn to bless a Sim. Who receive unicorn's bless get a positive multiplier in learning skills.
  • Cure a Sim: takes 20 magical points and can cure sickness, fleas, the mummy curse (requires The Sims 3 World Adventures) and the vampire bite (requires The Sims 3 Late Night). The cure for sickness and fleas can be used on animals too.


  • Unicorns can have foals with horses, however it’s not granted it will be a unicorn. There is 50% possibilities.
  • If it’s your second generation and the newborn has grandparents, it will have the 15% chances to get their goatee and horn color.
  • You cannot offer a unicorn as a stallion or as breed mare at the Equestrian Center. Unicorns are romantic creatures ;).


  • Unicorns learn skills faster than their cousin horses.
  • Unicorns friendships faster with other pets and younger Sims (teen or below).
  • Unicorns have a special feeling with good and evil Sims. Interacting with a good Sim will have a positive influence on their relationship, while interacting with an evil Sim will have a negative influence on their longtime relationship.
  • If a plant is fertilized by a unicorn, there is a 10% it will become a Life Fruit.

Moodlets related to unicorns

Icona Nome Descrizione Umore Durata
Ts3 icon ep5 moodlet unicorn.png
Moonlit Unicorn For some odd reason, Unicorns are able to pull more light from the moon! - -

Icona Nome Descrizione Umore Durata
Ts3 icon ep5 moodlet unicornsblessing.png
Unicorn’s Blessing Wow! What a great feeling! Sim should be able to accomplish a lot more with this blessing. Just look at Sim! 40 480min

Icona Nome Descrizione Umore Durata
Ts3 icon ep5 moodlet unicornsire.png
Unicorn's Ire Ugh, being cursed is definitely no joke. Sim is definitely going to have a hard time accomplishing things in this state. What could Sim have possibly done to make a Unicorn so mad? -40 480min

Icona Nome Descrizione Umore Durata
Ts3 icon ep5 moodlet powerfailure.png
Power Failure Name is completely out of magic power! How is a Unicorn supposed to cast spells with no power? Guess Name’s just going to have to wait it out. -10 240min

Icona Nome Descrizione Umore Durata
Ts3 icon ep5 moodlet powershortage.png
Power Shortage Name is running low on magic power! Holding back on the spells for a while should help Name restore a bit. 0 240min