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Cubetti ico.gif Instruction to install custom contents in TS3

What are .Sims3Pack

Sims3pack icon.gif.Sims3Pack is a file format that identify auto-installable files of The Sims 3. Usually they represent custom content to add to your game. You can identify them by the icon above and by the final part of files name .Sims3Pack. You should able your operative system to show file extension too see it.

What files can be found with this format

All files extracted from The Sims 3 are in this format. For example: sim, lots and other stuff created with Create a style inner the game.

How to install .Sims3Pack

You can install them by alternative methods.

Default install

With a double click on these files the launcher of The Sims 3 will appear and proceed with the installation.

This process is quite different from The Sims 2 with .Sims2Pack files. The launcher doesn't save unpacked files into Downloads folder. All installed .Sims3Pack will appear on the Downloads tab of the launcher and a copy of the original .sims3pack is stored on Downloads folder as backup. The launcher unpack the file, extract the .package file and save it depending on the type in

  • DCBackups → for all styles files, such as clothes, patterns, objects and lots

Alternative default install

  1. After downloading a .Sims3Pack store and insert it on Downloads.
  2. Start the launcher of The Sims 3
  3. Go to Downloads tabs
  4. You can see .Sims3Pack list of all files stored into Downloads. An icon refer if you've already installed it or not. If a content isn't installed yet, just select it and click on Install button belove.

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