Sims3Pack Multi Installer eng

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Sims3Pack Multi installer allow you to install some .sims3pack at time. Btw, it extracts .package files from .sims3pack, then you've to put them under Mods/Packages folder

What does it do?: It allow you to install some .Sims3Pack at time.
Creator: Delphy
Can damage my pc?: NO, it is just an executable file
Suggested: Yes, if you want install some Sims3Packs without game launcher.
Require: .NET Framework 2 but if you have problems try with .Net Framework 3.5
  1. Launch tool by double click.
  2. Select the folder with all .Sims3Pack you want to install.
  3. On second field, choose destination folder, when you want install files (check instruction to install .sims3pack to know what folder you need to use). Consider that files installed in this way are not recognized from the game and from the launcher. So check how to install .package files. We don't suggest to use this tool to install lots and sims.
  4. When done, click on Install.
License: FREE, gratis
on MTS, check often for updates